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Our school is different. In every school you will hear talk of ‘high expectations’, however at King Charles I School we know that having high expectations and talking about them isn’t enough.  At King Charles I School, we demonstrate, demand and only accept excellence. We pride ourselves on never lowering our expectations and are unapologetically ambitious for every student, no matter what their background, prior attainment or needs.  High expectations combined with an academic curriculum, tight robust behaviour systems and high quality research based teaching ensures we realise our ambition of ‘supporting successful futures’ and enabling our students to achieve their best and so access university or a high-powered alternative as well as enabling our staff have access to rapid career progression.

The following should give you a taste of what King Charles I School has to offer and help you decide if this is the right school for you.


All staff at King Charles I School share a clear vision of effective teaching that encompasses strong behavior systems, planning, assessment and instruction. We help each other to continually improve our practice. We do not believe in high stakes graded lesson observations or performance related pay on the main pay scale and instead have an open-door culture where we are all learning from each other all the time. We believe that teachers are experts and our students regardless of age or ability are novices. We believe in standing at the front and teaching. We believe in the use of textbooks combined with teacher talk and deliberate practice.  We do not believe in differentiation, engagement or in group work like other schools and recognise the need to eliminate all strategies and activities that have very little or no impact on students’ outcomes. At King Charles I School we focus ruthlessly on the activities that are proven to have an impact. We understand that through review and evaluation of our teaching combined with the use of cognitive science, educational research and the study of successful teachers, schools and countries we can ensure that our teaching is always highly effective.

High expectations of behaviour

We believe that every student and every member of staff should be able to feel relaxed and happy, confident that their working environment is one where people are kind, courteous and respectful at all times. We operate a strict approach to discipline ensuring our students develop the habits that will be necessary to be successful independent adults. Our students are therefore a credit to us and we are very proud of their example. High expectations combined with tight, robust behaviour systems ensures that every teacher can teach and every student can learn in calm, purposeful classrooms.  Our systems ensure you can really focus on your core purpose of teaching unhindered by bureaucracy or poor behaviour. In our opinion, the best pastoral care we can provide our students is an excellent set of GCSE and A Level results that ensure that they have choices when leaving school.

Work-life balance, not burnout

We know that teaching is exhilarating and rewarding, but also exhausting. We understand that time is precious and that tired teachers do not make effective teachers.  We believe in simplicity, always taking the shortest route and aiming for maximum impact on student learning with minimal workload for staff. We apply this to everything we do. Our feedback focuses on whole class feedback. We do not have onerous/impossible marking policies. Our homework policy focusses on key revision techniques, requiring no marking in KS3. We only collect data when it is necessary and same-day centralised detentions, including homework detentions mean that you do not need to organise/run/chase them at all, helping to underpin impeccable behaviour, so you are free to teach.  As a school, workload is high on our agenda and we are continuously reviewing and evaluating our systems in order to support all staff to achieve a healthy work life balance.

CPD for staff

We believe that quality first teaching is the key to success and in order to achieve this teachers the need time to reflect, evaluate and plan collaboratively.  In a time of continually change, this has never been more important and so from September 2018 we are adapting  the school day to enable teachers time at the end of the day, every day, to meet, discuss and collaboratively plan. We believe this to be the best possible professional development a teacher can get.

CPD for staff starts as soon as we appoint a teacher. We ask new staff to read articles and blogs to help them understand our key principles and ethos. We hold a staff induction day so that new staff have the time to learn what it means to be a King Charles I teacher. We provide regular new staff training throughout their first term to ensure that they have all the knowledge and tools they need to be successful.  Every new member of staff is given a buddy, who is on hand to ask any questions and provide any support and guidance that is needed. For newly qualified teachers we offer a bespoke programme of CPD and a reduced teaching load and for more experienced colleagues, career development is made a priority. There are opportunities to work on whole-school priorities and gain the experience required to progress into middle or senior leadership in due course. Additionally, we offer financial assistance for relevant post graduate study and support for middle leaders wishing to apply to become Specialist Leaders of Education.


Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our staff and recent ITT students have to say:

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on placement at King Charles I School. The placement has challenged and developed my teaching philosophy and behaviour management strategies within the Physical Education environment. I received a vast amount of support from members of the Physical Education department, my professional mentor and especially my subject mentor. I have used their advice and support to reflect upon my teaching and make improvements throughout my time on placement. 
      Rebecca, PE ITT

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at King Charles I school, the department and faculty as a whole have been warm and welcoming and made me feel like a full time member of staff. The support and guidance and mentoring has been fantastic, and I think anyone who gets a chance to train here should grab it! 
       Emily, History ITT

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my time on placement at King Charles I School and I feel that the placement challenged and developed my ideas of teaching and learning and behaviour management within the classroom. I received an enormous amount of support from members of the science department, my professional mentor and especially my subject mentor and using their advice and support I was able to continually reflect and improve my teaching throughout the placement. 
       Harriet, Physics

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