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Our teaching

At King Charles I School, we have a clearly articulated model for teaching, based upon three key principles.

Expert subject knowledge

We value and invest in growing our teachers to become experts in their chosen field. Our seven-year, knowledge rich curriculum was written by our staff, pooling their expertise to create a curriculum which is based upon both factual and procedural knowledge identified to ensure that our students succeed in an intellectual and academic society. For further information about our curriculum, please click here.

As teachers we continually strive to improve our practice and knowledge through the use of current educational research and regular discussion about pedagogy and good practice. We pride ourselves on our outward looking perspective and our use of the latest education and cognitive research. Asking ‘why do we do it this way?’, ‘what do other schools do?’ and ‘what does the research tell us?’ have swiftly become our mantra. This, combined with excellent knowledge of our students and the recognition that success is the biggest motivator, means that every student learns something new and is challenged to achieve their very best in every lesson.

Techniques for effective instruction

Research plays a fundamental roll in informing and improving teaching at King Charles I School. We strongly believe that in order to become highly effective teachers should eliminate all strategies and/or activities that have very little or no impact on student outcomes and instead ruthlessly focus on the activities that do have an impact on student outcomes. As such, all teachers at King Charles I School follow a streamlined, research driven teaching model consisting of:

  • Review
  • Explain
  • Model
  • Question
  • Practice
  • Test
  • Feedback

Our streamlined, research driven teaching model is based upon research into cognitive science, how the brain acquires and uses new information, and on the studies of classroom practices of teachers, schools and countries whose students show the highest gains. Research conducted by Peps McCrea, Barak Roshenshine, The Sutton Trust and Dunlosky to name but a few. Fundamental to this is the knowledge and understanding that practice not only makes perfect, but also permanent.

This research provides the basis on which our core principles for conducting our lessons are based. Coupled with this research is the understanding that our students, regardless of whether they are in Year 7 or in Year 13 are novices. With this understanding comes the acceptance that novices, in order to thrive require direct, teacher led instruction. Research shows that when we are dealing with new information teachers should explicitly show students what to do and how to do it, followed by opportunity to practice whilst receiving corrective feedback. Not only does this ensure that all students are provided with the correct information from the start, but it is also much more time efficient and time is something that is certainly in short supply with the new curriculum.

Our staff all receive regular training to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of how to apply the most effective strategies in the classroom. For further information, please click here for our Teaching and learning handbook. 

The correct conditions for learning

We believe that establishing the correct conditions for learning is a fundamental pre-requisite for effective teaching. Our students understand that we set high expectations for their conduct and attitude to learning in and out of lessons, so that they can realise their potential and achieve their goals. Our senior leaders understand that their job is to manage any lapses in student conduct on behalf of their teachers, so that our staff can teach without interruption or lack of focus and students can learn.

Our teaching staff understand that each hour of learning is precious and that they must expect, and demand, the highest standards from all students in their lessons to ensure that every student is given sufficient opportunity to practice what they are learning. For further information about our behaviour policy please click here.

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